Fine Perfumes

When the lights are low, bask in the romantic glow of candlelight.

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Circle E - Eternity

Don't let this sultry fragrance pass you by for eternity! With its warm musky undertone that is infused with exotic spices, this candle makes for a truly masculine fragrance. Create your own magic moments by surrounding yourself in this blissful scent!

Candle Color: White

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Circle E - Orange Patchouli

The invigorating smell of citrus is spruced up with the earthiness of the patchouli plant. This will definitely elevate your senses.

Candle Color: Coral Shell

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Circle E - Santa Fe

Similar to the Drakkar cologne, this candle has a melange of sharp and spicy scents like citrus and sandalwood to give off a fabulously masculine scent

Candle Color: Hunter Green

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Circle E - Stargazing

An explosion of jasmine, tangerine, grapefruit, pine, lime and patchouli.

Candle Color: Aqua